Nicky Love

Property Manager

Nicky Love

Nicky deals with most property management matters, from managing responsive repairs and planned maintenance to handling insurance claims and managing expenditure.





The personal side:

Name: Nicky Love
Job Title/Position: Property Manager

Journey to James & Sons:
Westcliff Grocers/Pier Fruit Shop
Hardchrome (Poole) Ltd
James & Sons 2000-2002: Secretary/Receptionist
Property Management Accounts
Property Manageer

Hobbies/Interests: Gorillas / Primates & Endangered Species, Fishing, Cooking and Socialising
Favourite Meal: A perfectly cooked fillet steak! Or a Full Monty Roast Beef with all the trimmings.
Favourite Drink: Bottles of good red wine of course! Oh and Baileys/Cointreau with lots of ice for afters.
Places I want to Visit: Mexico, Cayman Islands and Cyprus
Dislikes: Men with skinny legs!
Winter / cold
Olives … yuch!
Blue Cheese … yuch yuch!

Office: 01202 673131Fax: 01202 660143